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Great recipe but I want to offer a little suggestion and ask for advice from others who had made this. I made this as written twice but thought the crust was too dark(an unappealing almost burned brown color) at 350 degrees using my Bravetti Platinum Pro deep fryer. So on the third try I changed it to 325 degrees...MUCH better.(same frying time 10 minutes for a very large vidalia onion) Now for the other challenge the recipe did not state how long to par-boil the onion. The first try I did six minutes but flower collapsed. The second try I cut the time in half to 3 minutes but the onion was almost raw and the petals did not coat properly except on the outside. The third try I did 5 minutes which I think is about right EXCEPT the flower collapsed again after coating due to the weight. (everything tasted wonderful but was visually unaesthetic). I THINK the problem might be resolved by NOT cutting the core all the way through to the other side and instead leave the base intact 1/2"- 3/4". Anyone here have a similar experience and would like to share their strategy? One other alteration I made on the third try was reducing the amount of buttermilk from 1 cup to 3/4 cup. It may have been the brand I was using but on the first two attempts I thought the batter was too thin. After I reduced it to 3/4 cup I thought the coating clung much better. Thanks Rita for sharing your recipe.

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KATHY V. February 10, 2009

Rita this was absolutely wonderful. We had some friends up and I made this and served with steak and baked potatoe. They were really impressed. Thanks so much. I will need to make more next time.

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~Nimz~ October 29, 2003

Rating is for the onion only. Decreased the cayenne & sliced the onions into rings; mixed the wet & dry ingredients together, dipped & fried...delicious! I also didn't make the dip as we like them with hot sauce. Served with sliced garden tomatoes, corn on the cob & king crab legs. Thanks for sharing.

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Larawithoutau August 20, 2014

I used to make Bloomin' Onions when my boys were teenagers with huge appetites. They were always a hit....I never boiled the onions. Instead, I soaked them in ice water for a few hours. They 'bloomed' perfectly.

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Mammie Marshall June 19, 2013

I'm strictly rating the sauce. I will try it again, but with more horseradish. Very nice as is, though.

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~Bliss~ August 06, 2011

i watched a video how to make a bloomin onion from a chef at the outback, first off it is put in the powdered mixture first, then the wet and only once. also it is a spanish onion not vidalia. and then, you do not boil the onion at all just spread them out, your supposed to cut the wedges a finger length apart. and lastly, dont core the onion untill after it is done cooking.

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austin 19 September 06, 2009

Had to comment on this one, just like Outback. I would stick with the 10 minutes vice 12 that I cooked. It came out a little too crispy, but nonetheless awesome recipe.

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James 08 Fireblade August 25, 2007

I was so looking forward to making a "blooming onion" at home. I followed the directions, boiled the onions so the petals spread, and coated them with milk mixure and flour mixture twice and deep fried them. But they came out with almost all of the coating on the outside and barely any on the inside; not like the ones in the restaurant that are crunchy all through. I also made the dip twice. The first time with creamy horseradish seemed too mild; when I made it again using prepared horseradish it tasted great.

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TasteTester June 04, 2007

Perfect! I surprised my DH with this last week. We always eat them when we go out..now we can enjoy them at home!! I have a deep fryer and that made this so simple! And boiling the onion really helped! Thanks! I will be snacking on this again! :)

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GardeningFool May 30, 2007

This is an awesome recipe. My whole family really enjoys this. So crisp and crunchy. Thanks for posting this recipe.

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gwynn December 13, 2005
Blooming Onion