Coconut Shrimp With a Kick - Baked or Fried

Total Time
25 mins
0 mins

The yummy coconut shrimp you love with a touch of cayenne to liven things up! The tropical goodness of the coconut really adds a nice touch here. I have found these in Southern (tropical) parts of the USA but they are indicative of any tropical local such as parts of Asia, Hawaii, the Caribbean and so on. Two sets of directions allow you choose whether to bake or fry.

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  1. Combine cornstarch, salt and cayenne in a shallow dish.
  2. Beat egg whites in a mixing bowl until stiff peaks form.
  3. Place coconut in a zipper bag or on a plate.
  4. Make a slit down inner curve of shrimp and press lightly to flatten shrimp.
  5. Coat shrimp with cornstarch mixture.
  6. Holding each shrimp by the tail dip in egg mixture.
  7. Coat shrimp with coconut.
  8. To FRY: in hot oil (375°F) fry shrimp a few at a time for 1 1/2 to 2 minutes on each side- or until golden brown- don't overcook! Drain on paper towels or a clean brown paper bag.
  9. To BAKE: in a 450°F oven bake shrimp on a lightly oiled baking sheet for 12-14 minutes or until brown turning once.