Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 15 mins

Goes with everything! I always have a jar on my dining table at home. Great garnish for Asian soups, noodles, salads, etc.

Ingredients Nutrition

  • shallot (as many as your frying pan can hold)
  • cooking oil, for deep frying
  • salt


  1. Slice the shallots VERY THINLY-- cut them in half and julienne your way through-- Heat oil in frying pan-- chuck the shallots in the very hot oil until they turn brown and crunchy-- be sure that there's significant colour change but careful that they don't burn!
  2. Drain the shallots, place on a plate over paper towel to take out excess oil, and sprinkle with salt.
  3. When they cool, store in an airtight jar.
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These are so easy to make and are delicious in a salad! I think they would be good sprinkled on a lot of veggie dishes as well. Thanks skwattink aynjull!

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I was out of my regular crispy onion flakes and spotted your recipe - Very easy to make - the trick is to wait til they brown but not any further. I used a mixture of shallots & red onion - only had 1/4" oil on the pan but I only made a small amount Thanks skwattink aynjull

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Great to have these on hand. I used to buy them in a packet when in Malaysia. They were just great on my bean sprout stir fry. Thanks for reminding me about these onions.