Deep Fried Turkey injection - butter creole

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Total Time
5 mins
45 mins

Found this on the 'net'. Needed a cajun butter recipe on a minutes notice! Was the best deep fried turkey I have had!

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  1. Melt butter slowly as not to burn.
  2. Add rest of ingredients and mix well.
  3. (I place in a covered bowl and shake vigorously).
  4. Inject into your turkey and allow to sit for one hour or more before deep frying.
  5. HINT: We were cooking the turkey while camping, and decided to leave it in the bag to inject it, so it would not be so messy!
  6. It worked great!
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We use this recipe all the time for our deep fried turkeys. Friends often request a turkey done this way as their gift request. We also season the outside with exactly all the same ingredients as injection but measurements doubled. WE try other mixtures and store bought bottled injections and always come back to this one.

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This made the BEST TURKEY I have ever eaten. This was our first time deep-frying a turkey and it worked wonderfully. I used regular salt because I forgot to purchase Kosher, but I did not have any problems with it clogging my injector. I just made sure the butter stayed hot, shook in a tupperware like suggested & swirled before I filled the injector. This turkey was super moist and very flavorful. There was only a hint of the cayenne and my husband who hates spicy food loved this. If you are looking for spicy you will need to add more cayenne. After I had injected most of the butter there was a lot of spice residue left behind in the bowl which I used as a rub. I will definately use this again! Thank you!!

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Turkey came out wonderful and I also use this as a rub. Will use again!