Easy Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings

Total Time
5 mins
10 mins

A very easy, simple chicken wing recipe loaded with flavor.

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  1. deep fry chicken wings until done.
  2. place cooked wings in brown paper bag, or glass bowl, sprinkle on lemon pepper. Make sure to do this when wings are hot out of deep fryer.
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I like to bake my chicken wings on 400 F in a single layer after brushing on melted butter over each wing. I season them to taste (all over) and make sure I flip them over halfway during the cooking process to crisp both sides up. I use Lawry's Lemon Pepper seasoning. Easy and slightly healthier! =D

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nice change from the regular same old,same old.

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So simple to make. My family loved them. I used Lawry's lemon pepper seasoning.