Just Like the Restaurant.... Crab Rangoon

Total Time
15 mins
30 mins

These taste just like your favorite Chinese Restaurants.....

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  1. Cream the cheese, soy sauce, garlic powder, and green onions; stir in crab meat.
  2. Place 1 teaspoon filling just below center of each won ton wrapper.
  3. Roll up wrapper, leaving top half unrolled.
  4. Moisten the right and left corners with water; bring them over filling and press firmly to seal.
  5. Fry a few at a time in oil heated to 375 degrees 2-3 mins., or until golden brown.
  6. Drain on paper towel.
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Outstanding! I had to use canned crab since it's all that was available, so I used two cans and it came out very well with a nice meaty crabmeat proportion. I need to be a bit more careful in sealing them next time as a little of my filling leaked out on one or two, but they were still great. I froze half the batch to cook at a later date, and I'm already wanting to get to them. :-) Thanks for posting this, it's a keeper.

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Crab Rangoons are one of my very favorite foods. When I discovered that I could make them at home I decided to try a couple of recipes and this is the one that has a permanent spot in my cookbook and my menu. These are so dang good I don't ever need to go to a chinese restaurant again. I do fry them in peanut oil to get that authentic chinese restaurant flavor. Also, I mix up a batch of the stuffing and make the rangoons as I want them. Don't pass this recipe up!

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Oh so good. I made these to go with our Asian themed dinner one night. I had a few blow outs but that was my own fault for not making sure the air was all out when sealing them. I will make these again, who knew that they were so easy. Thank you for posting.