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Wow! I've never been able to make these at home without flopping and throwing them away. The breading was very very good. I didn't refrigerate but fried them right away and wasn't able to make the sauce but it sounds good. I made them exactly as recipe states. Make sure you follow the instructions mentioned about only frying a couple at a time and let the oil get back up to tempature in between. Thank you for posting! It's a definite keeper

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Seashorewalker November 20, 2011

Outstanding oysters! These were A LOT of work but well worth it considering the taste. The kids even enjoyed them. We all agreed however that the hot sauce was not so hot and could use some spicing up. I'll definitely be fixing these again. What a treat!

I just made these for a second time. I made the recipe exactly as written. I have to say, these are hands-down the best fried oysters I've ever made. I had a pint of oysters and had to double the egg mixture and the panko mixture. My husband, kids and I are still wishing we had more! Thanks!

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SaltnPepa January 02, 2011

This is an excellent recipe. I made this as BeachGirl wrote it, using skim milk in the egg dip. Don't be frightened of the 28 steps in this, this is a quick and easy recipe and BeachGirl's instructions are clear and concise. Follow exactly and you'll end up with beautiful nuggets of fried oysters....the panko gives them a lovely appearance with little points sticking out here and there. The hot sauce is great as well....I added a bit more Tabasco. Thanks so much BeachGirl for a recipe that my husband and I will enjoy forever.

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Hey Jude November 22, 2003

This recipe did not disappoint!!! They left us wanting more. I usually serve tartar sauce, but this sauce was soooo much better.

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Suebjohnson November 11, 2011

This is above excellent! I followed recipe as written and they were perfect! I agree, the instructions are very clear - it looks long, but isn't, and is very easy to follow. Can't wait to go back to Charleston (Coo's Bay), OR for more fresh oysters. Once made they sliced perfectly for appetizers. The sauce is the best and will serve with fish and shrimp in the future. Check out my picture. Thanks!

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linda.whigam June 28, 2011

Good recipe overall. When I make it again I will make sure I can get the largest oysters I can find. With small oysters it's to much breading. I had a mixture is smaller and large oysters. The large oysters were outstanding. The only change I would make is to add old bay seasoning to the flour mix. I will make this again for sure.

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ryco76 December 27, 2014

i have used this recipe for the past 3 years 5 stars what a owsom recipe keep oil at 375 for a crisp oil free oyster. i went deep sea fishing and took the blue fish home cut off the dark part and fried it using this recipe took it in to work and 15 men wanted the recipe thank you beach girl wayland n.y.

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whsheafe October 14, 2009

Wow! I personally cannot stomach the idea of eating oysters, but the look on my hubby's face upon biting into these was enough to make me want to make them over and over again! I tripled the recipe, making 16 oz of oysters and half a pound of jumbo shrimp for myself and let me tell you, though I can't say how the oysters were, the shrimp were absolutely phenomenol! I am making this for the second time tonight (and it's only been a week ago that I made it the first time!) By the way, I made this with Roasted Garlic-Herb New Potatoes and Green Beans - it was a hit to be repeated ALWAYS! Also instead of the sauce I make T.g.i. Fridays Jack Daniels Grill Glaze and use it as a dip instead.

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piranhabriana February 20, 2009

Loved them! We make these whenever we want an oyster po' boy... They stay so crispy due to the panko bread crumbs... I didn't even get a chance to make the hot sauce since my BF was eating them as quickly as they were being fried! If we don't grill our oysters, this is the way we love to eat them! Thanks!

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atlfitgirl May 17, 2007

Best oysters I've ever had. Didn't make the hot sauce. Tartar and cocktail sauce was fine for this country boy. Five stars I don't give out easy.

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Cereal Killer April 06, 2007
Panko Fried Oysters for Two