Spiced Thai Corn Cakes

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Total Time
20 mins
3 mins

Delicious snack that is perfect when dipped into a sauce such as my Cucumber Vinegar Sauce.

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  1. Combine all ingredients except for the oil, mixing well.
  2. Set aside for about 10 minutes to allow the baking powder to become activated Heat oil in large pan or flat-bottomed wok over medium to high heat.
  3. Drop large teaspoonfuls of corn mixture into the oil.
  4. Allow to fry about 3 minutes each, until golden, turning once or twice.
  5. Remove corn cakes from oil and place on paper or cloth towel to wick excess oil away.
  6. Arrange on plate and serve.
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These were waaay good. I forgot the celery, so I just added more corn.

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These were really unique tasting and good--kind of like Asian corn latkes. I only used 1/2 T red curry paste and it was still too spicy (and I love spicy food), so I think it depends on the paste. Thanks for posting this!